Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long time.... 2010

K, so, I've just realized its been a very LONG time since I have posted at all here. I think this may have to be some sort of resolution I should make... but I wont. I would just likely break it if I did. So... I will just say that I may try to write here more often and maybe post some pics at some point.

So far this year knitting-wise... trying to stash bust with the rest of the Dartmouth knitter group and first of all trying to finish works in progress that have been hanging around way too long. So, I have finished two so far. Will post newer pics on Rav when I decide to upload the pics.

The new year seems to be a time to reorganize. I'm currently trying to declutter and part with things that "I just may need someday but haven't used in years". I'm actually not that bad but my boyfriend is... He won't part with anything... even a crap peice of paper that he has no idea why he has it. lol. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. ;)

I am buying a treadmill this week, and am thinking that maybe I will keep track of my progress to hold myself accountable and motivate myself into being successful. If I am actively thinking about change I am more likely to do it. I want to lose 70lbs before I have babies... hmm... maybe in a year. That should be totally attainable... if I really work at it. I have posted a pic of myself from my "thin days" on my fridge so I see it all the time. It is constant motivation.

I am really trying to get my head straight this year so I can get my financial situation under control as well... would love to get rid of the evil old credit card and pay more on my student loan to get rid of it faster. Working on this.

So, 2010 is all about ME. Getting fit, getting my stuff organized and getting financially organized. No pressure... just trying to get motivated and "do"... instead of sit around and not "do".

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knitting From Stash

This year I am planning on knitting from my stash so I can get rid of some of it so it won't take up so much space. I don't like having so much 'stuff' and well... it seems like I have lots of craft stuff, not just yarn and needles.

So far this year I have only bought 1 skein of yarn(for Marlene socks) for myself... aside from the Tangled Skeins boxing week sale(that doesn't count...I used Christmas money). From my stash I have knit a doggie sweater, 8 dish clothes, a dish towel, a pair of thrummed mittens and another pair are started... I made 2 pair of hand warmers too. I've made a pair of socks and a cowl. And, I have made a hat and scarf from some yarn I got at the boxing week sale. Oh, and a pair of sheep baby booties which I had bought the yarn specific for.

So, I think I am doing well sticking to the plan. I will have to actually buy some yarn to make an afghan for my sister and her boyfriend for when they move into their house and if I intend on making a sweater I will have to buy yarn for that too. I am going to make a shawl out of some Berroco Alpaca yarn that I have ...was going to be for my sister but I showed her the colour last night and she complained about it. So, I am going to make it and if she likes it she can have it... if not she will just have to wait for a while until I feel like making another one. She said the colour wasn't bright enough. I told her she is going to have to pick out her own yarn and pattern then... I am sick of making up my mind as to what I will make for her just for her to tell me she doesn't like it. Oh, and she was also like... yeah once you make me this one I will have to get you to make me a few more... I was like, ha, good luck with that!! lol.

Atleast the dog likes his sweater!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A rough plan for the year...

Well, it's been quite a while since I have written anything here.

I survived Christmas knitting, completing almost everything that I meant to complete. Now, even being a month after Christmas, I am still knitting gifts for other people. So far, I made a pair of fingerless gloves for myself, a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend at work, a pair of thrummed mittens for a friend who moved away to Newfoundland, and a scarf for my sister. I am halfway through a pair of plain socks for myself(an unnoticed dropped stitch at the toe kinda bummed me out but the first one is finished). I am not going to knit so many gifts this year for Christmas.

After I finish the socks I want to make myself a nice cozy cowl out of the Fleece Artist cashmere I bought last fall at Gaspereau Valley Fibres, and then I will have to start on the Open Waters Shawl for my sister's brthday and a pair of socks for my mom's birthday. I just wanna knit for ME now... I think it's time already. Oh, and I've started a doggie sweater for Cuddles which won't take long to finish since Cuddles in a miniature poodle! I have been putting off the shawl for Stef though, so I really should get it started.

I am planning on knitting the Twin Trees afghan this year(instead of the original Tree of Life one I was going to make). I also plan on knitting a sweater this year at some point. For now though I am going to work on a sock collection. I also wanna fit in a pair of thrummed mittens for me before winter is through.

Anyway, that's the rough knitting plan for this year... I am sure it will change and update.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Project update- 21 more knitting days- Optimistic!

well, not a whole lot to say. I have half my sister's scarf done but think I may have to order more yarn to complete it... silly me. When I bought the yarn I didnt have the scarf pattern or any real plan.
I have almost one sock completed. Hoping to finish sock # 1 tomorrow and start the second one if my wrists can withstand the abuse.
Going to see if I can buy some chuncky yarn for the cowl, on Friday, and see what other treats I can find at the Lucy Neatby open house on Saturday...

There we have it! Slow but sure. Might not complete everything but there are back up plans and multiple gifts for some of the people on the knitting list.

Crossing my fingers that I will get alteast half finished... :D Still optimistic!! It's only December 3rd, right! 21 more knitting days!! That's 3 full weeks!

Monday, November 24, 2008

One month to Chrismtas Eve!

I still have to make...before Christmas eve...

- cozy cowl for Pat's mom(if I don't have time I will just give her the one I've already made) Need to get some chunky Misti Aplaca.
-need to finish the checkerboard tote bag for Mom and Paul(not much left to do)
-a pair of cozy red socks with Rowan pure wool for Paul
-finish the houndstooth scarf for my sister Stef(1/5 of the way done now)
-a pair of mitts for my two younger sisters...(2 days per pair!)
-a winter hat for Pat's dad(probably take 2 days)
-finish the rug for my Step dad Tim(I need lots of time for this...especially since its too big to take to work with me!)
-maybe a pair of fingerless mitts for Pat's brother's fiance
-and something for my best friend Natasha(maybe a teapot cozy...or reverse bloom face clothes with chenille crystal palace)...I may buy her something that I have in mind though. Not sure!

I've got my work cut out for me seeing how there is just one month left! However, maybe I will just get right to it and have it all done in no time! Ha! We'll just have to see now won't we! ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas....less than 2 months away!Yikes!!

k, so I am starting to feel the Christmas crunch with all the knitting I was 'planning' on doing. My knitter friends warned me.... This is my first full year as a knitter, and last Christmas I had basically just finished my first project...garter stitch scarf. I was planning on making pretty much everyone something for Christmas this year. I am not sure I have completely changed my mind... well... I think I will stick with homemade gifts, but maybe not all knit. I have already decided that my sister is getting the shawl for her b-day in March instead of for Christmas. I do have to finish a few things I had on the go...2 gifts for Christmas. And I want to make a nice cozy pair of socks for my mom's Husband as I have been promising him a pair for Christmas since July. I also have a cowl to make for my bf's mom and a hat to make for his dad. I think I may knit my sister a scarf to go with the hat and mitts I made her this year for her b-day. I have some left over yarn(on purpose) just for that.

I also have to make a pair of mitts for the woman at work I have been knitting for...and I want to knit some afghan squares for afghans for afghans. I also have some baby knits to do by January. A few friends are having babies around the same time! So, yeah, I feel I have alot to knit... at least I don't procrastinate with my knitting like I used to for school projects! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tree of Life!

Okay, so, I used to always look through the Mary Maxim booklets my mom used to get when I was a kid...I loved looking at the cross stitch patterns and dream of someday actually being good/brave enough to do them. I always loved the 'Tree of Life' afghan(that was also featured in the Mary Maxim books) but always thought it looked crazy hard...and at that time I didn't know how to knit. I love the meaning of the tree of life...Life is cyclical...ashes to ashes.... etc. I also think the blanket is beautiful. So, I think I will make it my challenge to start the Nicky Epstein 'Tree of Life" afghan in January providing I get the yarn by then... I can buy the yarn from Mary Maxim...I need 11 balls and I think the site said it would be $3.49(its an acrylic blend, but best for washing and keeping shape) a ball providing I buy more than 8... So, it seems it won't be as expensive as I thought at first.

I think I will do it in either a taupe or a light green...I want to keep it light so that you can see all the pattern and detail. I am really excited about starting this since I have always been in love with it... I may end up cursing it by the end... but I am sure I will love the finished product!