Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas....less than 2 months away!Yikes!!

k, so I am starting to feel the Christmas crunch with all the knitting I was 'planning' on doing. My knitter friends warned me.... This is my first full year as a knitter, and last Christmas I had basically just finished my first project...garter stitch scarf. I was planning on making pretty much everyone something for Christmas this year. I am not sure I have completely changed my mind... well... I think I will stick with homemade gifts, but maybe not all knit. I have already decided that my sister is getting the shawl for her b-day in March instead of for Christmas. I do have to finish a few things I had on the go...2 gifts for Christmas. And I want to make a nice cozy pair of socks for my mom's Husband as I have been promising him a pair for Christmas since July. I also have a cowl to make for my bf's mom and a hat to make for his dad. I think I may knit my sister a scarf to go with the hat and mitts I made her this year for her b-day. I have some left over yarn(on purpose) just for that.

I also have to make a pair of mitts for the woman at work I have been knitting for...and I want to knit some afghan squares for afghans for afghans. I also have some baby knits to do by January. A few friends are having babies around the same time! So, yeah, I feel I have alot to knit... at least I don't procrastinate with my knitting like I used to for school projects! :)

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