Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tree of Life!

Okay, so, I used to always look through the Mary Maxim booklets my mom used to get when I was a kid...I loved looking at the cross stitch patterns and dream of someday actually being good/brave enough to do them. I always loved the 'Tree of Life' afghan(that was also featured in the Mary Maxim books) but always thought it looked crazy hard...and at that time I didn't know how to knit. I love the meaning of the tree of life...Life is cyclical...ashes to ashes.... etc. I also think the blanket is beautiful. So, I think I will make it my challenge to start the Nicky Epstein 'Tree of Life" afghan in January providing I get the yarn by then... I can buy the yarn from Mary Maxim...I need 11 balls and I think the site said it would be $3.49(its an acrylic blend, but best for washing and keeping shape) a ball providing I buy more than 8... So, it seems it won't be as expensive as I thought at first.

I think I will do it in either a taupe or a light green...I want to keep it light so that you can see all the pattern and detail. I am really excited about starting this since I have always been in love with it... I may end up cursing it by the end... but I am sure I will love the finished product!

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lexa said...

I think either one of those colors would work beautifully with that pattern. :)