Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long time.... 2010

K, so, I've just realized its been a very LONG time since I have posted at all here. I think this may have to be some sort of resolution I should make... but I wont. I would just likely break it if I did. So... I will just say that I may try to write here more often and maybe post some pics at some point.

So far this year knitting-wise... trying to stash bust with the rest of the Dartmouth knitter group and first of all trying to finish works in progress that have been hanging around way too long. So, I have finished two so far. Will post newer pics on Rav when I decide to upload the pics.

The new year seems to be a time to reorganize. I'm currently trying to declutter and part with things that "I just may need someday but haven't used in years". I'm actually not that bad but my boyfriend is... He won't part with anything... even a crap peice of paper that he has no idea why he has it. lol. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. ;)

I am buying a treadmill this week, and am thinking that maybe I will keep track of my progress to hold myself accountable and motivate myself into being successful. If I am actively thinking about change I am more likely to do it. I want to lose 70lbs before I have babies... hmm... maybe in a year. That should be totally attainable... if I really work at it. I have posted a pic of myself from my "thin days" on my fridge so I see it all the time. It is constant motivation.

I am really trying to get my head straight this year so I can get my financial situation under control as well... would love to get rid of the evil old credit card and pay more on my student loan to get rid of it faster. Working on this.

So, 2010 is all about ME. Getting fit, getting my stuff organized and getting financially organized. No pressure... just trying to get motivated and "do"... instead of sit around and not "do".

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