Friday, October 3, 2008


Hmm... I just got asked by a co-worker to make her a hat-mitt-scarf set...she gave me no idea as to what she wants...I have been probing with questions to get an idea... She's kind of sporty so I think I have some ideas. I am tossing lots of things around in my head. There are just soo many options of things to do. Anyway, I got some yarn, now I have to see what I can come up with!

I asked my sis again! what she wants me to knit her for Christmas since I can't make up my mind on one things and I can't possible make her(or afford) everything that I am thinking of. She is so vague..."like make one of those things.... to wear.... over my shoulders.... not a shawl though.... not a blanket.... um... a hoood thing.... " There is no definition here!! She keeps saying she will come over and she can see pics of options... Its already hasn't happened yet and I've got knitting to do!

I've decided to make a nice pair of socks for my mom for Christmas since she was saying the other day when she was looking through my knit mags(she has ones from the 80's) that there are alot of nice socks out now and she would love to make some fancy socks...she has arthritis in her thumbs and is still working on the same sock she started last winter.... I got the pattern for the parting ways socks and it looks nice and simple but still fancy....i got a nice solid dark purple to make them... I also have committed to another pair of socks...probably worsted weight in a mens size 10 for my mom's husband...he wants cozy slipper socks! I'm gonna be a sock making machine....I sure hope there is enough time!

I was assigned a new swap partner yesterday for the Treasure Swap! I got another American partner! This swap is great! Everyone seems soo creative and giving... I love what this swap is about. My partner and I have already started conversation... she has 4 cats too! crazy!

My step dad came into town tonight(he lives about 2 hours away) and took my sister and I, and our boyfriends out for dinner tonight...visits are always short but sweet. He is allergic to cats and both my sis and I have cats. We had a nice visit though. Time to go knit for a bit before bed! working on my Cecile hat with baby this yarn!!

Anyway, I am tired but I just thought it was time to write something.... It's been quite a while.

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lexa said...

I hope he spent a lot on your meal! A good friend of mine bought a house through him the other day. :)