Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ahhh, finally a breath of cooler air. Still humid, mind you, but definetly cooler. So, Its my bday. I'm 25! I finally feel like an adult. I am no longer early 20's...dead smack in MID 20's. It feels a bit weird really. Can't wait to see what my boyfriend got me for gifts. He always spoils me rotten. He usually goes way overboard with gifts, but I guess I can't really complain! :) I got off work early today. They gave me first dibs on getting off early since its my bday. I thought that was quite nice of them. :)

An odd customer service edicate tip: when you call for customer service, don't interrupt the rep's introduction(it is part of our quality to introduce the company and ourselves, and you are just going to ask our name again anyway!) its a bit annoying. And, its also kind of annoying to get calls from people who 'need/want out help" but then put us on hold. Calls are timed and also count toward our overall quality scores which in the end lead to raises, or non-raises, hopefully raises. There are alot of things that annoy me about working in a call centre. For now, its good pay and an okay job, but wow, some people!! I'll tell you more about it as I come across things that are worth sharing.

My treasure swap partner and I have been messaging back and forth. Its quite fun to get in touch with a somewhat random person(complete stranger) and learn about them and who they are. It seems we have some things in common. Of course we are knitters so we have that in common. But there are several other things as well that are similar.

k, well, I'll fill you in on the gifties later and let you know how the day went.

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